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At Lane Cove Eye Surgery we have a commitment to procuring and maintaining leading edge imaging, diagnostic and treatment equipment.

Currently we are in possession of the latest imaging equipment called an Optical Coherence Tomographer (OCT) for the assessment of macular degeneration and the monitoring and detection of glaucoma. This scanner allows our surgeons to localise the areas of degeneration and subsequently offer a more precise course of treatment.

Lane Cove Eye Surgery now has a UVX machine which is used in the treatment of keratoconus. This revolutionary treatment is enabling patients to avoid the more drastic option of a full thickness corneal graft and live a more normal, active life. This treatment, whilst relatively new, has been proven over the last five years to be a safe and effective way to assist people with keratoconus to maintain good vision.

Biometric scanning for cataract and refractive lensectomy has become an area of focus for our surgeons. The pursuit of increased independence from spectacles after cataract surgery is something that all of our skilled surgeons strive for. Using the latest interferometry and ultrasonography our team is able to assess each patient’s eye individually in order to determine how much customisation is required.

Some patients benefit from a standardised Intra Ocular Lens (IOL) while others, who have more challenging needs, have custom lenses created for them.

Lane Cove Eye Surgery has set a standard of patient care, not only in the way we treat our patients, but also in the way that patient information is handled. Many of our systems are securely networked so that your information is available to your surgeon at the click of a mouse button and can be electronically mailed to any doctor or practitioner in your health management team.

Through our use of technology we are able to manage, treat and restore the vision of our patients whilst maintaining a holistic approach. This enables other practitioners on the team to quickly and easily access important information so that our patients have the best possible outcomes for both their eyes and overall wellbeing.

Lane Cove Eye Surgery